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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Pretty Whimsical - Handcrafted Soaps And Bath Bombs

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.

I had the privilege of meeting Debbie, the owner of Pretty Whimsical at The Etsy Made In Canada Show back in September. I just had to check out her booth because everything was so pretty. I mean it was a blogger’s dream with all the unicorn and mermaid bath bombs, soaps that look like cupcakes and cake, and the poop emoji soaps. And these are just a few of the lovely bath items she sells. Her items are all paraben, phthalate, and detergent free and tested on people not animals.

I was one lucky gal because she picked out some of her cutest items for me to try and to share with you on my blog. Eeeeeek! Aren’t these just adorable? This is one time I truly wish you could smell each of these through whatever device you are reading this on.

First I’m going to write about the bath bombs I got to try. The Mermaid Tail Bath Bomb Cupcake has Bubble Frosting. The bottom of the bath bomb is your traditional style bath bomb but it also includes buttermilk and kaolin clay. The frosting is a mix of bath bomb ingredients whipped with cocoa butter. Debbie even airbrushed pink on the white frosting. There are silver sparkles on the light purple mermaid tail which is a handcrafted soap. I was so sad to part with it because it was truly a work of art! The bath bomb fizzes and the frosting foams and bubbles under the running water. My skin was so soft afterwards and the smell was divine! To me it smelled like how I remember Fruit Loops smelling.

My little guy loved his Shark Cupcake Bath Bomb With Bubble Frosting. Trying to get him to take a bath can be a struggle but he hopped right in when he saw this. He loved the fizzing and playing with the shark fin soap. The best part (other than getting him to take a bath) was there was no clean up for me as everything went down the drain.

And if you’re wanting a cool gift for yourself or someone else for Hallowe’en look no further. Why not try a Pumpkin Brew Bath Bomb or a Witches Brew Cauldron Bath Bomb? These bath bombs come in cute re-useable containers that you just drop in the tub. You can have extra fun once the water hits the bath bomb by pulling the container out and dumping it into your tub while it foams and bubbles. And the best part? No calories like Hallowe’en candy.

The Cocoa Butter Donut Bomb definitely smells like Fruit Loops. I never wanted my bath to end. Thanks to this creation I got so relaxed in the tub, I almost fell asleep. If you know me well, you’ll understand how amazing that is. They come in a bunch of different colours and scents but all of them have that amazing cocoa butter “icing” sandwiched between the bath bomb donuts. Buy them by the dozen. Your skin will thank me.

Now for the handcrafted, gorgeous soaps. This may look like a piece of cake but it instead a sweet smelling soap. It leaves your skin feeling clean with a nice apple scent. Once again the details on this cake slice soap are incredible down to the sparkly apple on top of icing to the hunks of soap that look like cheesecake bits in the cake.

Fancy a cupcake that has no calories? Then this Strawberry Cupcake Soap is for you. Complete with a soap strawberry and sparkles on top, this cupcake with be your best friend in the tub.

 I just love the poop emoji because it’s so cute. Well it just got cuter! Enter the original and fun crazy Poop Emoji Soap. Each one has a different expression in the eyes because Debbie has to hand drop the soap on each eyeball. I laughed hard when she gave me one neatly tied up in its own poop bag. Dog owners will definitely get a kick out of this packaging! But don’t worry this poop smells great with its vanilla or chocolate scent.

So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for Halloween, Christmas, birthdays, or something to treat yourself, then head to Pretty Whimsical on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.

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