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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

I can't live without my...

...maxi-dress! There I've admitted it. Whew! 

The story goes like this:
  • back in 2009 I bought black maxi-dress
  • I wear it once for a photoshoot
  • said dress sits in my closet for a few years
  • last week I "discover" the dress
  • I wear it non-stop everywhere
  • I want/need to buy other maxi-dresses as this is my only one
Here are the reasons I love this dress sooooooooo much:
  • comfortable
  • stylish
  • cool because it's been so hot outside
  • easy to get dressed
  • able to change the look by wearing different accessories
  • versatile - you can dress it up or down depending on where you'd like to wear it
Now before you head out to get your very own keep in mind that this is not a look for shorter people. If you are shorter than 5'7" then go for a knee-length version instead so you don't look dumpy. As for re-creating my look, my necklace I recently got on ebay here, my bracelet was a gift from a friend, and my jean jacket was from WAL-MART a couple months ago for $25 - you can find a comparable one at Old Navy for $35. I bought the dress, shoes, and purse so long ago that they'd no longer be in stores. You can find a comparable dress at Old Navy for $30, shoes at Aldo for $50, and the purse on ebay - you decide the price as it's an auction item. 

Happy shopping!

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