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Monday, April 16, 2012

Casual Fridays Do Not Have To Be Blahdays!

If you work in an office like me, you most likely have a fashion phenomenon that occurs each Friday called "Casual Friday". Most people I know don't have a a problem dressing business, or business casual the rest of the week, but for some reason when Casual Friday comes along people are not sure what to wear. The pitfall I am speaking of is not over-dressing but under-dressing. I may be unpopular after writing this, but I feel that hoodies or bunnyhugs (which is what they are called in Saskatchewan), rockstar type or worn out jeans, gym sneakers, leggings without a dress or long tunic over top, yoga/athletic pants, unkempt hair, and no make-up have no place in an office - even on Casual Fridays. Just because it's a Casual Friday does not mean you let yourself go and look like you've started the weekend early.

So, what does one wear? Because fashion is visual, I think the best way is to show you five of the outfits I have worn on Casual Fridays in the hopes that you might find something to inspire you.

Outfit One
My trick for spicing up a casual look is to throw on some unexpected items with faded jeans and a t-shirt like a jaunty scarf and coral heels.

Outfit Two
Yes a plaid shirt and jeans is very casual indeed. But with a white blazer and some stylish boots, I could be off to my office job or maybe even a Polo match.

Outfit Three
Dark denim trousers always look right on track for the Casual Fridays. But instead of pairing a stuffy white blouse with them, I chose pops of colour to give a nod to the current trend of colour blocking. I do love orange oh so very much!

Outfit Four
While this may look dull, drab and boring at first, I assure you it is not. This photo doesn't show you what I have on underneath my suit coat very well. This is a good choice for that Casual Friday where you are heading out to drinks with the girls afterwards. Because for a night on the town, all you need to do is take off your jacket and...
VoilĂ !! Just add a clutch and some dangly earrings (which you of course brought to work with you) and you're ready to party!

Outfit Five
Okay, if everything thus far seemed a bit too dressy for you, this should make you happy! Yes I am wearing a tank top, jeans, and sneakers, but I am also wearing a cute argyle cardigan. Argyle always elevates and refines an outfit. Also please note I am not wearing gym sneakers but clean, stylish, fashion sneakers.

See you Wednesday!
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