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Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday's Faux Paw

It's been a rough two weeks. Joelle has been having humans arrive and they eat the yummiest food. I have gotten a few scraps but I know that the food wasn't meant especially for me. On top of things Joelle and her friend took me in what they call a "car" and we picked up another dog. She is very tiny and gets more food than me it seems. I'm really not sure why they felt they had to bring another dog here. I still hope I get the same amount of food I've been getting or I'll really be upset.

Today's faux paw is quite simple. Here in the prairies we mostly have a season called "winter". It becomes cold outside. Joelle even bought me a sweater. The other day when I was riding in the car I saw the topic of my latest faux paw - a young human male wearing pants and a muscle shirt. His friends were wearing coats that day because it was quite a bit below zero outside. To top things off he had his hands jammed in his pockets and his arms wedged up against his body. And before everyone gets mad at me - he wasn't unable to afford a coat because he was wearing nice clothes. My message here is clear, dress according to the season. Otherwise you think you're cool, but you just end up being a fool who's literally cool.

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  1. Too true, about people not dressing the way they should. Shame on them!
    And I'm sure your Mom will make sure you get enough food, Zeke. I think she brought that little puppy home as a friend for you, so make sure to take good care of her!


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