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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Joelle's Favourite Top Ten Accessory Trends For Fall 2011

Today I'm writing about my favourtite accessory trends for fall 2011 in no particular order. One more thing you should know is that the most sought after purse this fall is the clutch.

1. Fringe
A black leather purse with studs is rock legend worthy while a brown suede one will appeal to the boho hippy chick. Also look for fringes on shoes and boots.

2. High Heeled Loafers
These wicked shoes are not for schoolgirls anymore. Pair them with wide legged trousers or a sexy pencil skirt.

3. Embellishment
Glitter has moved from pm to am this fall. Choose from lace, beading, sequins, rhinestones, glitter, and jewels on shoes, purses,

4. Colour Blocking
Still going strong it appears that colour blocking is here to stay walking down the runway on purses and shoes.

5. Python
This print is as popular this fall as leopard used to be showing up on purses, gloves, shoes, and boots. To be fashion foward, wear it in an unexpected colour.

6. Gloves
They're baaack and taking fall by storm. Choose from dangerous lace up leather, python, polka dots, lace, faux fur, and the list goes on. While black elbow length seems to be popular, as always there is pretty much every length and colour available.

7. Long Earrings
From delicate to bold, feathers to chains, long earrings are everywhere this fall. To showcase these works of art, keep the rest of your outfit simple with no other accessories.

8. Winter White
Don't worry about what your Grandmother has told you - it's okay to wear white after Labour Day! This season designers are making sure you try it out by creating many different styles of purses, shoes, and boots to choose from.

9. Fur Trim
Once again it can be fake! Fur is showing up on purses, shoes, collars, necklaces, belts, hats and more.

10. Hats
I LOVE hats so much and hope more people start wearing them. This fall you can chose from millitary, pillbox, fedora, wide brimmed, beret, and pretty much every other style you can think of. Seen over and over again - any type of hat trimmed with fur.

Zeke the fashion conscious canine will be back tomorrow to let you know of a new style faux paw. I'll see you Monday. Have a good weekend!

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